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Tramadol Trakem was approved in 1963 and launched in the year of 1977. This mainly works to treat the pain (moderate to severe). This work within 30 to 40 minutes and patients get relief completely from the pain. This works as an immediate release and gives quick results to you. Most of these medicines come up with various side effects. These side effects are based on the person to person; based medical history.

A superb option for a relaxant that acts centrally on the spinal cord. This contains tolperisone which is known as the active ingredient. This medicine helps to get relief which occurs due to muscle spasms and related pain. A superb solution to get relief from severe pain. This medicine belongs to the class of opioid analgesics which helps to get relief from pain. This works over the brain which helps to remove the feeling of pain in your body. Now, the thing is that people need quality medicine to treat this issue and we at Pharmauniversal are ready to provide it at your place.

Is Trakem Pill the same as Tramadol?

Yes, the Trakem pill is similar to Tramadol. It is a brand name of the generic medication Tramadol. It is also available in the other brand names. Trakem pill is used to deal with any kind of moderate to severe pain occurring in your body. Trakem pill can be given to the patient before the surgery or any medical procedure to help in sedation and reduce anxiety.